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Rope access is a safe and cost effective method of working at height where ropes are used to gain access to the work area. It is often used when convetional methods such as a swing stage or man-lift cannot reach the work area.

The advantage of using rope access methods lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations and then carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations and the nearby area.

What is rope access


5 million liability insurance

WCB accredited

OHSA inspected

SPRAT certified


The need for safety is paramount and at Rope-A-Dope we are constantly vigilant. All of our foremen are SPRAT certified. Our Jobsites have a perfect safety record. We have never had a lost-time injury in the history of our company. 

We are constantly on the forefront of rope access safety equipment and methods. Having our company owner as a member of the SPRAT community we help improve methods internationally. 

Rope-A-Dope exclusively uses in-house equipment that is rigorously controlled and inspected. 

We do not compromise on safety.